A PHP Framework for Distinguished Gentlemen

LaraElite is a fork of the Laravel framework, created out of the need to bring sophistication & luxury to an otherwise impoverished PHP community.

Highlights: 100% gloved coding, luxurious indention, lavish comments3.

Be the envy of lower-class developers everywhere - purchase now.


The Smug Facade

Make your code look elegant.
SMUG::gloat("I've over 3 hours exposure to OO terminology.");

Meet Snobbery

Snobbery is an upper-class factory manager.
SNOBBERY::makeFactory()->exclude('liberals', 'women', 'riff raff');
// Send the Irish into an infinite loop...
//check user's pockets to see if they're poor.
dump( $user ); //Outputs..
      'pocket' => ['keys', 'platinum card'];


Jeffrey is a God class with over 1000 SOLID methods. Each method is responsible for doing one thing only, and has no idea what's going on with the other methods in the class.
if( Jeffrey::isPaid() ) {    
   Jeffrey::says("Welcome to LaraElite.");
} else {
   Jeffrey::says('Buy me lunch!');

No Exceptions

LaraElite doesn't throw exceptions - it throws complements.
try {
JEFFREY(new Smug())::doDatabaseThing()->gloat();
} catch(new Complement $c) {
$c->blame('Frank the CakePHP developer');
swoon(); //Swoon is similar to die(), except it allows you to recover with some gin & tonic.

  1. At LaraElite our code butlers wear silk gloves while coding. All our fingers are 100% organic.
  2. Most coding environments reflect slum-like conditions - cramped, crawling with cheap fonts. In LaraElite, we use at least 3 tabs for indentation so that you can sleep at night knowing your code has plenty of room to breathe.
  3. Comments are more than an opportunity to document your code, they are an opportunity to establish your reputation and lineage. Make extensive use of comments to settle old feuds, document your history, and let the other developers know how much their code stinks.